Left Hand Path Cover Reveal!

Ok, so now normally I tell people its coming and build up a modest amount of hype regarding when my next cover will be revealed, but truth be told, I am so swamped with up-coming releases and regular life, that I am just putting it out there now!

So here it is, once again done by my buddy Mason McDonald!  He did the covers for Yuri and for Wagon Buddy, which will be released in the coming weeks!

Hope you enjoy!



Left Hand Path Cover

Hottest Horror Books of Summer!

So this is a little mind-blowing, but take a look!


Over on twitter, a book reviewer/blogger posed the question; What horror books are you looking forward too this summer? Then people replied with all the books they were looking forward to read this summer, and I was kindly/fantastically nominated by someone, for the release of Frostbitten: 12 Hymns of Misery!!!!

I can not believe my name/book is on this list with so many fantastic other writers!

One detail though to clarify – the tentative release date is now July 15, 2018, as I am having some formatting issues!

Watch this space for more info!





Wagon Buddy: A Novella!

Here is update 2 of 2!

The second Novella I will be releasing is called Wagon Buddy.  Below you can find the synopsis as well as the cover!

My buddy Mason McDonald did this cover as well!

Wagon Buddy – Synopsis

You ever have an imaginary friend? You know, that made up person that was always there for you, always willing to play with you and letting you confide in them?

What if your imaginary friend turned out to be real? And not a person at all?

Wagon Buddy tells the tale of a man and his creature, his only friend, who time and time again comes to his aide.

But what happens when you can’t control the creature anymore?


Wagon Buddy Cover

Yuri: A Novella!

Hey friends, so here is update 1 of 2 for today.  I already released these on my various social media platforms, for those of you who only get my blog stuff, here they are!

I will be releasing two Novellas in the next few months (hopefully sooner!)

My buddy Mason McDonald kindly did both covers for me!

The 1st is Yuri

Yuri – Synopsis

As a bitter winter stretches on, Yuri decides to leave the family farm and seek employment in the City.

Hired by the mysterious owner of the mines Mr. Petrov, Yuri is excited to move into the man’s mansion.

But not all is what it appears, and soon Yuri realizes not everyone is his friend.

Yuri is a harrowing tale of what ends people would go to for family and for fortune.

Just remember, the key to surviving;

Don’t eat the stew.

Yuri cover


New Releases!

Hey friends! So I am back from vacation, which means its time to re-ramp up and prep for my releases!

The first bit of news is that I will be releasing two novellas over the next short time! Here is the cover reveal for the first Novella! Yuri. A few folks have read this already, and you are in for a treat! (pun intended!)
The second novella will be released shortly after, and is called Wagon Buddy!

Frostbitten: 12 Hymns of Misery is in the final stages of editing for a release!

Left Hand Path is coming along for a late summer release!

and Ayrielle and Willow’s kids adventure will be coming out shortly as well! Stay tuned!