The Devourers: The Empyrean Saga Book Three (2022)

With no hope left, Jaz believes her future will change when she catches her orb. Gone will be the hurt and heartache that she leaves on the ship. Ahead, nothing but blue sky and smiles.

But Salvation isn’t what it appears to be, and when she finds herself on the surface of the planet, she must start to unravel the clues as they come.

Return to the world of Empyrean, Lizzie and the future that exists within the orbs.

Not all that you see is real and not all that you know is true.

‘The Devourers’ will answer some questions and ask some more, but ultimately it’ll be up to you, dear reader, to see if you can unravel the mystery before you.

The follow up to ‘The Future In the Sky,’ and ‘The Bandaged,’ for fans of ‘The Hunger Games,’ ‘The 100,’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland.’

The Bandaged: The Empyrean Saga Book Two (2022)

Once Eldridge’s right hand man, Albert Harkins has been exiled to Earth.

Only Earth is supposed to be uninhabitable.

As the reality of the Empyrean lies are exposed and Harkins learns more and more about what Eldridge’s ultimate plans are, his hatred grows and vengeance floods his vision.

Return to the world of Empyrean, Lizzie and the future that exists within the orbs.

Not all that you see is real and not all that you know is true.

‘The Bandaged’ will answer some questions and ask some more, but ultimately it’ll be up to you, dear reader, to see if you can unravel the mystery before you.

The follow up to ‘The Future In the Sky,’ for fans of ‘The Hunger Games,’ ‘The 100,’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland.’

Father of Lies: The Complete Series (2021)


This book contains scenes of extreme violence and sexual content. Do not purchase this book if you are easily offended or require trigger warnings!

Beginning in October, 2019, Steve Stred released three of the darkest, most depraved novellas – Ritual, COMMUNION, and Sacrament.

These three novellas completed the ‘Father of Lies’ trilogy, telling the story of a disturbed man trying to open the cosmic gates and enter the Black Heavens to live forever. Inspired by Steve Stred’s research acquired while joining a real cult, the stories from the trilogy have already become favorites within the horror world.

Now, here for the first time, is the complete and definitive ‘The Complete Father of Lies Series.’


–          All three novellas

–          An exclusive foreword by Sonora Taylor

–          An exclusive essay by cover artist Mason McDonald

–          A bonus fourth story ‘Eucharist.’

–          ‘The Battle Raged On and On’ essay from the author, answering reader questions about the trilogy

Not to be missed, this Omnibus will be available in ebook, paperback and hardcover!

Sacrament (Father of Lies Trilogy Book Three) (2021)


“A thrilling, bloody conclusion to the Father of Lies trilogy. Stred has created a cult I will never forget.” – Sonora Taylor, author of Seeing Things and Without Condition


This book contains scenes of extreme violence and sexual content. Do not purchase this book if you are easily offended or require trigger warnings!

Following the events of COMMUNION, Professor Bianchi knows that Father is getting closer to finally completing the steps to ultimately open the doorway and ascend to the Black Heavens.

Father is bound and determined to take his place alongside the cosmic chaos Gods.

With this in mind, Bianchi must seek out the man himself and try and find a way to put a stop to Father’s madness, even as Father himself begins to transform.

The stunning conclusion to the Father of Lies Trilogy will leave you filthy and finally discovering the true nature of the Black Heavens.

The Future In the Sky: The Empyrean Saga Book One (2021)

The only hope is to jump.
Earth has crumbled. The survivors now live on the revolving ship designed by Mr. Eldridge and his company Empyrean, orbiting the planet.
With selection day arriving, Lizzie isn’t sure what they want. Salvation or Eradication.
Selection is supposed to be the highlight of a student’s life. To jump and find your forever life.
But one question lingers for Lizzie, more than any other.
What if you jump and miss your orb?

Scott: A Wagon Buddy Tale (2020)

“It was just me and my wagon buddy, and I was free.”

The follow up to Steve Stred’s break through release ‘Wagon Buddy.’

Scott thought his troubles were behind him. His wagon buddy had helped him escape from the detachment, leaving the interrogation room behind.

But what now?

A realization that a specific moment in his life has led to his sadness, his sorrow and the feelings of always being lost and alone.

So, accompanied by his friend, Scott sets out to find the one person that might be able to fill the void he has inside of him. But what if what he finds is anything but joy?

The Window In the Ground (2020)

“An immensely readable and original coming-of-age horror tale” – Duncan Ralston, author of Ghostland.

On the outskirts of town, hides a secret.

If you follow a path through the trees, read the rules (always twice) on the sign post, go up a hill and across a grassy clearing, that secret will reveal itself.

You see, for hundreds of years, this seemingly normal town has done its part, kept the balance.

But on this day, a rule will be broken.

You might have heard the rumors shared in whispers.

You may have been told about someone who’d seen it with their own eyes.
But now, on this day, you’ll join us.

You’ll come for a car ride and we’ll park.

Then we’ll walk along a path, read some rules (always twice), and go up a hill and arrive at a clearing.

Across the grass, you’ll see just what the town’s been hiding, protecting for centuries.

Then you’ll feel a pull.
And we’ll make our way over to it.

Over to the window in the ground.
“I looked at the mound and could see that a light was shining up from the under, from inside the window. Something was happening below.”

COMMUNION (Father of Lies Trilogy Book Two) (2020)

One week after the horrific events at the commune unfolded, Detective McKay is left to pick up the pieces and try to connect the dots.

But before he can determine who this Father character is or what his motivations were, a mysterious redheaded woman arrives at the station.

With one quick act of violence, McKay is dragged into a world he’d never imagined possible.

A world of heinous acts, strange events and a creature from his darkest nightmares.

At the end of the day, McKay will need to find a way to survive, or become another sacrifice by Father in his quest to ascend to the Black Heaven’s.

Ritual (Father of Lies Trilogy Book One) (2019)

Meet Brad.

A quiet, hardworking man who goes about his daily routine with joy.
He works as a telemarketer, trying this best to sell poorly made, over-priced products to the unsuspecting people on the other end of the phone.

Brad doesn’t mind though, its a means to an end.

Life’s about to change for Brad. Now that Father has anointed him the Chosen one, the one to open the gates and allow them to flock into the Black Heavens.

Eternity awaits.

But is Brad ready to perform on the big day?

The Girl Who Hid in the Trees (2019)

Something lurks just beyond.

Centuries ago a heinous act created a ripple that still haunts the residents to this very day.

Now the kids who reside near McConnell’s Forest live forever in fear.

Jason lost his brother when he was young. He left with his friends to ‘debunk’ the urban legend and never came back.

Now Jason and his group of friends are fed up and want to discover what is happening, what is the real cause of the terror holding their small town hostage.

But something is waiting for them. She may look sweet and innocent, but the friends are about to find out that pure evil can exist in the smallest of packages.

She’s out there. And while you may not know her name or what she looks like, the local kids will tell you if you ask, that you should fear for your life from the girl who hid in the trees.

From the dark mind of Steve Stred, the author of Wagon Buddy, YURI and Invisible comes this fast-paced, seat of your pants coming-of-age tale.  A quick, violent, bleak read, The Girl Who Hid in the Trees will make you think twice about those sounds you hear far off in the woods.

Dark, gritty coming of age that grabs you near the end and doesn’t let you go.” – Justin M. Woodward, Author of Tamer Animals, Goodreads pre-release review, 5 stars!

“Steve’s best book yet, reminiscent of King’s IT!” – David Sodergren, Author of The Forgotten Island, Goodreads pre-release review, 5 stars!

“Plenty of blood, guts, and tension, but also sadness.” – MJ, Goodreads pre-release review, 4 stars!

“The story immediately pulled me in!” – Cassie, Goodreads pre-release review, 4 stars!

“I just needed to know what was going to happen next!” – Luke, Goodreads pre-release review, 4.5 stars!

Steve Stred has created one hell of a story that hooked me and didn’t let go after ending.” – Michelle, Goodreads pre-release review, 5 stars!

Draws you in right from the first line!” – Valerie, Goodreads pre-release review, 4.5 stars!

“Full of fast-paced action and gore!” – Clota, Goodreads pre-release review, 4 stars!

“I felt so many emotions throughout,” – Lauren, Goodreads pre-release review, 4 stars!

“Nice grossness and gore!” – Shane, Goodreads pre-release review, 4 stars!

“Pure nightmare fuel imagery!” – Diamond, Goodreads pre-release review, 4 stars!

Wagon Buddy (2018)

“Hello Scott,” the creature said, its voice deep and tasting like dirt.

You ever have an imaginary friend? You know, that made up person that was always there for you, always willing to play with you and letting you confide in them?

“Scott, you wouldn’t like my real name. So how about you just call me your wagon buddy?”

What if your imaginary friend turned out to be real? And not a person at all?

Wagon Buddy tells the tale of a man and his creature, his only friend, who time and time again comes to his aide.
But what happens when you can’t control the creature anymore?

“A fresh and original suspenseful tale with shades of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Steve Stred weaves an amazing story about a childhood connection that grows more sinister and dangerous with age.
After an imaginary friend turns out to be real, and not human at all, a man must make a choice.
Exciting, thrilling, addictively entertaining, Wagon Buddy is a 2018 must read!”

Seb Jenkins, Author of Life After Death