Friday Friend Boost! BUT ON A MONDAY!

Hey, hey!

So technically this is part 2 to my Friday Friend Boost! As I said when I posted that first blog post – I knew I’d totally miss some folks!

So here’s another list of great folks that are always super kind and supportive!

In no particular order;

1 – The Stranger – Steve Stred

2 – Dreaming At the Top of My Lungs – Israel Finn

3 – The Hag Witch of Tripp Creek – Somer Canon

4 – Let There Be Dark – Tim McWhorter

5 – The Switch House – Tim Meyer

6 – The Silence – Tim Lebbon

7 – The Faithful – Matt Hayward

8 – Weeping Season – Sean O’Connor

9 – Master of the Forest – Artyom Dereschuk

10 – Little Black Spots – John FD Taff

11 – Will Haunt You – Brian Kirk

12 – To Be Devoured – Sara Tantlinger

13 – Cruel Works of Nature – Gemma Amor

14 – Howl – Renee Miller

15 – Netherkind – Greg Chapman

16 – Devouring Dark – Alan Baxter

17 – Whispers in the Dark – Laurel Hightower

18 – Hellsworld Hotel – Matthew Vaughn

19 – The Auld Mither – William Meikle

20 – Every Twisted Thought – Andrew Lennon

21 – Doorbells At Dusk – Edited by Evans Light

22 – Old Leather – Don Gillette

23 – The Haunting of Henderson Close – Catherine Cavendish

24 – The Daylight Will Not Save You – Mark Allan Gunnells

25 – Fountain Dead – Theresa Braun

26 – Fear – Ronald Kelly

27 – Flora & Jim – BP Gregory

28 – Body of Christ – Mark Matthews

29 – The Wicked – James Newman

30 – The Hunted – Tarn Richardson

31 – Jimmy the Freak – Mark Steensland & Charles Colyott

32 – Now Comes the Darkness – Joe Zito

33 – Dead As Soon As Born – Aiden Merchant

34 – The Sea Was a Fair Master – Calvin Demmer

35 – Darkest Hours – Mike Thorn

36 – Into the Mist – Lee Murray

Ok – there we go! Anyone I missed – my sincerest apologies!

I’ll be back with a regular blog post next week – this week I’ll be gone on Friday. Watch for a three part story to feature on Kendall Reviews!


Friday Friend Boost!

Hey guys! Hope all is well!

Today’s post is going to be a 360 from where I was originally going. Originally I was going to do a “where I’m at in life” post with the start of a new sliding season beginning and stemming from some recent convo’s I’ve had with friends.

After starting to write it out, I realized I’d need to really sit down and write it. Take the time and see where my mind takes me. So – you’ll see that post maybe next week or the week after.

Instead – I’m bringing you a Friday Friend Boost! I try and interact with a ton of folks and I’m always super appreciative of those who reciprocate and support me as well!

So – instead of just posting this on one social media platform – I’m sharing it here so that everyone gets the benefit.

I’ll 100% forget someone or miss someone. So fret not – if I missed you here, I’ll do a part two in the next few weeks and bump some of  you then!

Before we get into that – keep an eye on Kendall Reviews next week – I’ll have a three part short story to haunt you in time for Halloween featured!

So – without further ado and in no particular order;

1 – Ritual – Steve Stred Me! haha!

2 – Forest Underground – Lydian Faust

3 – Bad Pennies – John F. Leonard

4 – Shallow Creek Anthology from Storgy

5 – Gods of the Black Gate – Joseph Sale

6 – Maria the Wanted – V. Castro

7 – Little Paranoias: Stories – Sonora Taylor

8 – Army of Skin – Morgan K. Tanner

9 – The Forgotten Island – David Sodergren

10 – Tamer Animals – Justin M. Woodward

11 – Masks – Mason McDonald

12 – Girls Best Friend – RJ Roles

13 – Train Thoughts – Jay Sigler

14 – Siphon – A.A. Medina

16 – Lords of Eden – M.R. Tapia

17 – The Festering Ones – S.H. Cooper

18 – The Resurrectionists – Michael Patrick Hicks

19 – Video Nasties: A Collection – Duncan Ralston

20 – Breathe, Breathe – Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi

21 – Dead Aware – Eleanor Merry

22 – The Boulevard Monster – Jeremy Hepler

23 – The Window – Glenn Rolfe

24 – Children of the Dark – Jonathan Janz

25 – Celestial Seepage – Brian Fatah Steele

26 – The Making of Gabriel Davenport – Beverley Lee

27 – The Gordon Place – Isaac Thorne

28 – Year 47 – Bo Chappell

29 – Bones: A Collection of Monsters – Andrew Cull

30 – The Possession of Natalie Glasgow – Hailey Piper

31 – Radio Run – Eddie Generous

32 – Mayan Blue – The Sisters of Slaughter

33 – Fangtastic Tales of Werewolf Savagery – Toneye Eyenot

34 – Creature – Hunter Shea

35 – Sour Candy – Kealan Patrick Burke

36 – Big Bad – Christian Galacar

37 – Lost Girls – Andrew Pyper

38 – Those Who Came Before – J.H. Moncrieff

39 – The Nightmare Room – Chris Sorensen

40 – Zombie Bigfoot – Nick Sullivan

41 – One by One – D.W. Gillespie

42 – Dark Thoughts: A Collection of Horror Stories – Kevin J. Kennedy

Alright – there we go. The first batch of a Friday Friend Boost!

I’ll keep tabs on things and see if I missed folks.

If I did – I am so sorry!!

Have a great weekend!


What I’m Excited For!


Friday has arrived! I hope you all have a great weekend planned ahead!

This weeks blog will run through a few different things!

I’m going to mention a bit about my most recent release Ritual, chat about The Night Crawls In and then I’ll be sharing some stuff on the BEST BOOKS I’VE READ THAT HAVEN’T BEEN RELEASED YET! We’ll finish it off with some tunes and then you can head back to your reading nook!


Ritual has been out for almost three weeks now and so far folks seem to be digging it. If you’ve read it, please leave a review, I’d be eternally thankful. And seriously – if you’ve read it and you didn’t like it – please, please leave a review. Tell folks why you didn’t. I’ll never be offended. Just yesterday I posted/shared a 1 star review Ritual received and guess what – the reviewer said WHY they didn’t like it and folks responded. The reasons why someone may not like a book/movie/album may just be the EXACT reason someone else will! So thank you for leaving an honest review, 1 star reviewer – I do really appreciate it.

I’ve been awful lately at sharing any of the amazing book pics folks take of my work – so here is one the awesome @jsg402 aka Jamie took of Ritual!


If you haven’t snagged a copy, here’s the link and remember – the ebook is always going to be $0.99!!


The Night Crawls In

If you remember – back in September (which feels forever ago) The Night Crawls In released. This release is to fund the ongoing Ladies of Horror Fiction Writer’s Grant. The first grant was awarded on September 15th and preparations for the next release to fund the second grant have already begun. I’ll be releasing some amazing, amazing news about this coming up.

In the mean time: since this released, only two copies have been sold. One physical and one paperback. I’d absolutely love it if you are interested in this release to please grab a copy!! Remember – this release to support other writers!

Snag it here!


Ok – so to the meat of this blog post!

Time to get excited! This features four books (and parts of books) I’ve read that you all need to get excited for, as well as two books that I’ve heard rumblings about!

In no particular order;


The Street Library – Glenn Parker

I connected with Glenn through Instagram some time ago. You may know Glenn as thehellbound_heart, an Aussie who loves to share his amazing book collection and now some adorable pics of his pup.

I honestly don’t remember WHY we connected, but we did and he’s become a great friend. Though all this, he’s sent me large sections of his work in progress and bounced idea’s off of me. I’ll take no credit in any of this release, Glenn’s a super talented writer who just needs to attack this release with more confidence, but from what I’ve read, when this thing drops – watch out. I expect this to have a similar reception to Remains from Andrew Cull or Kill Creek from Scott Thomas. The setting is great, the atmosphere is fantastic and the folklore that he’s built will make even the most die-hard horror fans squirm. I’ve even been fortunate enough to see some early potential cover art and this thing is going to rock the horror communities world.

Release Date: TBA

Book #2

Charcoal Angel’s – Joe Zito

I discovered Joe’s work last year after connecting on Twitter and earlier this year he reached out to ask if I’d be interested in Beta Reading his upcoming release.

I jumped at the chance. Zito’s work is gritty, dark and unforgiving. Think black and white movies during a power outage.

Charcoal Angel’s follows a similar narrative as Now Comes the Darkness, which he released last year. Gothic undertones run throughout this and there is an epic scope to the plot.

Really well done, and truthfully, such a solid piece of work – I don’t think I even had much feedback for him by the end of it.

Release Date: TBA

Book #3

Crawley House – Mason McDonald

I don’t know how many times I’ve sung this novella’s praises, but this is still one the BEST things I’ve read. Atmospheric dread, creepy location, odd characters and a truly gruesome discovery. I loved this story and I’m hoping Mason gets this thing sewn up and released at some point here!

As a side note – if the name Mason McDonald sounds familiar – that’s because he’s my frequent cover designer! We attempted to collaborate on a book previously, but it didn’t pan out. We’ve tentatively started on a new project as well. Fingers crossed we can make this one work!

Release Date: TBA

Book #4

Juniper – Ross Jeffery

I connected with Ross through Twitter and STORGY. Ross recently contacted me to see if I’d be interested in reading a new book of his and maybe give it a blurb if I thought it was a good time.

What he didn’t tell me was that it was going to be a devastatingly GREAT TIME!

Keep your eyes out for Juniper. This is a really dark take on post apocalyptic. The town itself, Juniper, is such a great setting and works as an amazing character on its own.

I can’t wait for this to see the light of day. I want to keep this as vague and unspoilery as possible, so I won’t say much more, other than when this comes out, you’ll absolutely want to read this!

Release Date: TBA

Book #5

Title TBA – David Sodergren

All I know about this release is that it involves dark subject matter and from the cover art mock up, Sodergren shared with me, I’m looking forward to this one so much.

Both of his releases thus far – Night Shoot and The Forgotten Island have been outstanding and knowing a little bit about what this one focuses on (which I can’t share here!), I really can’t wait to see this thing arrive.

Sodergren has previously mentioned trying to get this to drop around Halloween, but I honestly can’t speak to when it’ll see the light of day!

Release Date: TBA (Possibly Halloween-ish)

Book #6

Title TBA – Chris Sorensen.

The author of ‘The Messy Man Trilogy’ which already has the first two books out, has hinted at releasing SOMETHING around Halloween. From what I gather from his cryptic tweets, it won’t be book three, but really – any release featuring any story from Chris is something to be excited over!

Release Date: TBA (Possibly Halloween-ish)


Oh, wait – how about one more – a plug for myself! 🙂

Book #7

Piece of Me – Steve Stred

I’ve already had some great responses to Piece of Me, which will drop on December 1st. This features one of my absolute favourite characters in Kari – who I hope people love just as much as they love Jane.

This one is a horror/fantasy type story with beasts, trials and a ton of tribulations!

Mason of course crushed the cover, which was adapted from a photo my father-in-law Peter Lush took!


If you’d like to check out the early reviews:

And as always – if you’d like a review copy of Piece of Me – send me a message! I have digital ARC’s waiting!

Release Date: December 1st, 2019


We Came as Romans  – Carry the Weight

I’ve never been a fan of We Came as Romans, but I believe last year their lead singer passed away. They decided to soldier on and this new song, the first since his passing, is pretty crushing.


Gatecreeper – Everlasting

You wanna feel like you just had a mud bath? Or you were born in the swamp and can’t get clean? This sludgey goodness will deliver that in spades.


Municipal Waste – Wave of Death

Here’s a fun, thrashy anthem released by Municipal Waste. I’ve seen them live a few times, but I think this is the first song I’ve enjoyed that they’ve released in recorded form.


Marilyn Mason – Mechanical Animals

One of my fav Manson tunes from my fav Manson album. The riff in this thing is killer.


Alright – that’s all I got this week!

Have a great weekend!


The Boy Whose Room Was Outside

Hey friends!

I’m pleased to bring you this Friday’s blog post where I announce the full details of a book I’ll be releasing in 2020!

As I’ve started to release more and more works, a few comments keep coming along from friends and family – I really want to read and support you, but I can’t read scary books.

I get it.

Horror isn’t for everyone.

My releases range from brutal gore to scary chills and everything in between. I’ve always tried to inject some heart and emotion into all of them, but they all fall firmly into the dark fiction realm.

At the start of this year, I released one of my best received books in “The Girl Who Hid in the Trees.” This one seemed to click and connect with folks, but it was a horrible trip through the woods chasing an urban legend.

It was around that time where I had a conversation with my sister, Jodi. We chat often and during most weeks, we’ll end up discussing what her son, my nephew, Gabe is reading. Gabe is a voracious reader. 10 years old (soon to be 11) and he’s read all of the Harry Potter series and just book after book after book. Gabe is also high functioning autistic and this will also be a frequent discussion topic between Jodi and I. Gabe’s at the precipice of young adulthood and soon he’ll be exploring adult themes in many of his books.

This got me thinking. At his age, I was already reading Stephen King. Which means, before we know it, Gabe will be reading my books.

Before that happens, I wanted to write a book that bridged the divide and allowed younger readers to discover my work, but also adults who might enjoy a fun, nostalgia based story that could introduce them to my writing style.

I remember what it was like when I first discovered “Labyrinth,” “The Dark Crystal,” “The Neverending Story,” and all of the CS Lewis “Chronicles of Narnia” books. Magic, fantasy and amazing worlds were opened before my eyes.

“The Boy Whose Room Was Outside” is my answer to that, but also my complete opposite take on “The Girl Who Hid in the Trees.”

This book is authored by Steve Stred & The Kids. The Kids are my son, my nieces and nephews. ranging from a year old to 11. I wanted them to all be a part of this release. So they’ve all contributed some artwork as well as each one has contributed ideas for the story as well.

Additionally, Mason McDonald has once again delivered an outstanding cover.

The Boy Whose Room Was Outside Cover.jpg

The book will feature some fantastic artwork by _sandragetscreative, who I was able to connect with on Instagram through her husband Shane aka bookzrkool. As well, my great friend Miranda has contributed some artwork. She does fantastic work through her business MJCreations! We also received a fantastic painting years ago from our friend Alycia, which works perfectly as well!


I’ve shared some teasers of the artwork here, but the full stuff will knock your socks off!

So here’s a brief synopsis of this upcoming 2020 release, a book I’m excited for and one that adults, kids and families will be able to enjoy and read for many years!



Imagine, if you will, that one night – maybe tonight, you went to sleep in your bed. Your mom or dad tucked you in, said your goodnights and one your light was turned off, sleep welcomed you.

Now imagine that you opened your eyes and found that you were no longer in your bed in your room. No, rather you’ve woken up in a magical forest. A forest filled with talking animals and amazing adventures.

That’s just what young Peter discovers.

But when he keeps seeing a mysterious dark figure following him, he begins to connect the dots and discover that not all of the realms inhabitants are happy that he visits.

What’s coming!

Happy Friday!


Well – everyone who is excited for Halloween!

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet like past weeks!

If you’ve been following me lately, you’ve seen a number of acceptance tweets/posts. Lately, I’ve really focused on drabble submissions and seem to be connecting with the editors. I have three I can fully share and another that is out now.

Kevin J. Kennedy Presents 100 Word Horrors 3.

This release is out now in ebook and paperback! I have two drabbles in here, but look at the table of contents! Chad Lutzke, Mark Matthews, Evans Light, Andrew Lennon, The Sisters of Slaughter, RJ Roles, Justin M. Woodward and excitedly – Ron Davis’ first published works!

If you haven’t – snag a copy!


Reanimated Writer’s Presents: 100 Word Zombie Bites.

I have two drabbles in this one, which will be up for ebook preorder on the 24th and releasing on the 31st!

100 word zombie bites.jpg

Forest of Fear: Volume 1

Another one where I’ll have two drabbles featured! This one has such a great cover.

I’m stumped at the moment for when this will release, but I’ll keep you updated!


Japanese Fantasy Drabbles from Insignia

I actually just received my acceptance this morning for this release. I’m not 100% sure of the final title yet and haven’t seen artwork! Once both come around, I’ll share!


Additionally, I’ve been involved in the ongoing author novel from Don Gillette. This was a book that he’s putting together that has 30 authors each write a chapter and we see how the story unfolds. There are only a few chapters left, so we’ll be finding out how this saga ends and then what the plans are for release after that. I contributed chapter 3 and it was a lot of fun.

Finally, and yes this is vague tweeting, but I was able to cross off a bucket list item for writing recently. I can’t wait to share what this is and once I get the go ahead to announce it, OH BABAY!! WILL I EVER!


Of course I want to give a huge thanks and shout out to everyone who has already snagged Ritual and read it. To those who’ve reviewed is as well – THANKS!

It’s a perma $0.99US ebook and paperback is live, so if you want super dark, depraved and horrific in your life – go get it!



As always, I’m all over the map!

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers – Walls

I’ve always been a massive Tom Petty fan. I’ve started devoting some time to a novel that I’m co-writing with David Sodergren and Mr. Petty and The Heartbreakers is perfect mood music.


Madeon – All My Friends

Really love the sunshine of this song. Makes me smile and feel happy when I hear it.


The Ghost Inside – Engine 45

After their stunning live return after all of their injuries, surgeries and trauma, to see them announce they will be doing some more live dates is absolutely amazing and frankly, this should be the music story of the year.


Nine Inch Nails – Wish

I’m currently working on a brutal short story for possible submission. Nine Inch Nails Broken EP has been the back bone for all of those writing times.


What I’m Reading;

Been a bit since I’ve done this!

One by One – D.W. Gillespie


50% into this and just stunning. Gillespie is setting this tale up to be a scare fest. Really loving it and the Alice character really shines.

7 Sins of the Apocalypse Anthology


I’m buddy reading this with my pal Becca (my first buddy read ever!) and the first few stories were a bit lacking for me. It’s definitely picking up and hoping to see how strong this finishes!

A Place for Sinners – Aaron Dries


I was kindly sent this digital ARC from Poltergeist Press and I’ve neglected it. I’m 20% in and need to buckle down and get rolling. So far it’s been good, but I’ve heard Dries turns this into great in short work.


As most of you know, I do almost all of my reading on my Kindle. I still like to have one physical book on the go now and I snagged this beauty on Flametree Press’s Fourth of July Mega Sale! I have maybe 20 pages left to get through so hopefully I can finish that this weekend, but so far I’m loving this werewolf story!


All right! I’m done!

See you all next week!