Final free ebook! Day 5!

Hey all!  Today marks the last day of free ebook promo’s leading up to the release of my novella YURI on October 1st!

Today’s offering is my most recent release, the novella Wagon Buddy!

“Hello Scott,” the creature said, its voice deep and tasting like dirt.


You ever have an imaginary friend? You know, that made up person that was always there for you, always willing to play with you and letting you confide in them?

“Scott, you wouldn’t like my real name. So how about you just call me your wagon buddy?”

What if your imaginary friend turned out to be real? And not a person at all?

Wagon Buddy tells the tale of a man and his creature, his only friend, who time and time again comes to his aide.
But what happens when you can’t control the creature anymore?

“A fresh and original suspenseful tale with shades of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Steve Stred weaves an amazing story about a childhood connection that grows more sinister and dangerous with age.
After an imaginary friend turns out to be real, and not human at all, a man must make a choice.
Exciting, thrilling, addictively entertaining, Wagon Buddy is a 2018 must read!”

Seb Jenkins, Author of Life After Death

Free ebook Day 4!

Day 4 of the free ebooks!  Today see’s my latest collection of short stories Left Hand Path: 13 more tales of black magick available for free!!


Do you remember the first time, you heard something go bump in the night?

Or when you first played with the Ouija board and it moved on its own?

What about the last time a movie or book scared you so badly, that you had to turn on all of your lights and make sure your feet were not hanging over the edge?

If any of this rings true, something probably caused you to find this book.

Within this book, the author of Frostbitten: 12 Hymns of Misery, Invisible, Yuri and Wagon Buddy returns to ensure you will be looking behind you frequently while reading.

Left Hand Path: 13 More Tales of Black Magick collects all new tales filled with depravity and retribution.  Brimming with horror, thrills and creepy chills, the reader is sure to find the hairs standing up on the back of their necks and the occult themes causing them to question the true nature of the lights flickering.

When all is said and done, when you finally finish reading this batch of stories, you will have found that at some point, you locked the doors, checked under the bed, and made sure all of the closet doors are closed.

You have been warned.

Free ebook Day 3!

Thank you all so much so far!  The response has been fantastic!  To continue to celebrate and push towards the release of my novella Yuri, today marks day 3 of the free promotion!

Today’s offering is Frostbitten: 12 Hymns of Misery, my recently released collection!


Snag it friends!

Free ebook Day 2!

Day 2 of my free ebooks over on Amazon! Today is my debut novel Invisible. Kindly described by Author Justin M. Woodward as “Widow’s Point Meets A Monster Calls.” Grab it today folks!


From the author of Frostbitten: 12 Hymns of Misery, comes his first full length nightmare.

Chased across the country-side by a ravenous beast, haunted by the decisions he has made.
The Lighthouse, where nothing appears to be what it is.

A noise, constantly drawing him in, but keeping him at a distance from answers.
All of it comes to a crescendo, crashing down around him.

Invisible is a gut wrenching ride across a nightmarish landscape, filled with music references, peppered with claustrophobic bouts within the Lighthouse. Part fiction, part auto-biography, Invisible will etch itself into your subconscious long after you have finished reading.


Free ebook day 1!

Hey guys! Each day this week, one of my releases is free through Amazon! Today’s free book is my sci-fi/horror novella Jane: the 816 Chronicles!


Hope. What lengths would you go to, when all you have is hope? For Jane, known medically as 816, that is all she has. She hopes to be free one day, free from the torture, the captivity and the loneliness. She wants to be free, with her best friend Penny, known medically as 815, experiencing life outside of their caged walls.

Jane: The 816 Chronicles is a story about ‘a being’ discovering the world and people around her. A being discovering that sometimes situations and people are completely outside of her control, but still doing their best to look towards the positive, even when it becomes apparent, that what you see, isn’t always what you get.

Please snag it today while it is free!

First Review up at Kendall Reviews!

Hey guys!  I think I have mentioned this before, if not apologies!

I have recently joined the fantastic review site Kendall Reviews as a contributing reviewer!

Today marks the first official review I submitted that was published!  Exciting to say the least!

So please, take a second, and see my thoughts on the collection Dreaming At The Top Of My Lungs by Israel Finn.




Free books a-coming!

So the release schedule still isn’t done!

On October 1st Yuri will arrive.  A brief synopsis would be that it is a haunted house tale with a twist that will make you feel a bit unsettled!

To celebrate this craziness of releases the rest of my work will be available on amazon for free as a thank you promo!

So make sure you mark these on your calendars!

Sept 24th – Jane: the 816 Chronicles is free!

Sept 25th – Invisible is free!

Sept 26th – Frostbitten: 12 Hymns of Misery is free!

Sept 27th – Left Hand Path: 13 More Tales of Black Magick is free!

Sept 28th – Wagon Buddy is free!

I hope you check them all out!

And watch for some promo’s in October for Yuri and my other releases!



1 Week to go!


Hey all!  1 week to go until Wagon Buddy comes out!  (Technically next Saturday, but I do all my blogging Monday to Friday 🙂 ).

Very excited for this release.  I believe I have released quality content and compelling stories over the course of my short literary ‘career’, but Wagon Buddy, I believe, is a step up.  I believe the release after – Yuri, is the same.  My hope for these two novellas is that it increases my profile in the Dark Horror World!

There’s a few folks I for sure need to thank for my continued improvement and for a more polished professional product.

  • author JZ Foster.  I consider JZ to be a friend.  Since I first messaged him to say I was enjoying one of his books, we have stayed in touch and now chat daily.  He kindly formatted my releases to make them a more polished product.  I almost cried when I saw the Left Hand Path release.  I had done everything on my own (minus covers) prior and to see it look like a real published release was overwhelming.  Thank you so much man!
  • author Justin Woodward.  I also consider Justin a friend.  Same ideas here, where I messaged him over on twitter and we began conversing.  Really great guy and a fantastic author.  Justin has given me great feedback over the short time we have been friends and seeing his thought process has been great.
  • Mason McDonald.  Another friend.  He crushed the covers for Left Hand Path and for Yuri and Wagon Buddy.  Really appreciate it man, and I can’t wait for the world to see the terrors you will be releasing soon!
  • My Street Team (Jodi, Amanda, Toni and Mason).  You all have been instrumental with feedback (good and bad) and I always appreciate hearing your thoughts!  (Boy do I have dark stuff coming for you haha!)
  • Lastly – David Sodergren.  Boy have you been fantastic mate.  David helped edit Frostbitten, Yuri and Wagon Buddy.  He took a fine tooth comb through the releases and really crushed it.  I wish I would have been able to get him to do Left Hand Path, as now from some of his notes, I see little mistakes I did in that release.  As an indie author you frequently live and learn.  I seriously can’t thank you enough man!

So for Wagon Buddy the pre-release orders for the ebooks are up and the physical copy orders should be live hopefully in the next day or two!

I will give you the ole Yuri update next week after launch, but look for a few contests coming up for Wagon Buddy!