For Young Readers

The Boy Whose Room Was Outside – Released March 20, 2020

Imagine how amazing it would be, to go to sleep one night and then wake in a whole new world.

A world filled with animals that could talk and who became your friends?

For young Peter, that’s just what happens.

He wakes in a magical forest and quickly discovers that the animals who live there are just as excited to see him, as he is them.

But something lurks.

Something that doesn’t want Peter to be visiting the forest.

Through the help of his animal friends and a giant, Peter wants to get to the bottom of why this figure doesn’t want the young boy visiting.

A coming-of-age, middle grade/YA story of fantasy, family and courage, ‘The Boy Whose Room Was Outside’ is sure to warm the hearts of new readers and fill the souls of their parents with nostalgia.

Formats: ebook, paperback and hardcover


Gabe & the A Word – Released July 3, 2018

The earth is in danger. Catastrophe is imminent. Luckily one kid is ready to step up and do his part to save us all. When the mysterious Mr. Important Man arrives at Gabe’s school, he has no idea how much his life is about to change. Accepting each mission, Gabe ensures the safety of Planet Earth and discovers that the A word has great importance in his life!

Formats: ebook & paperback


Layne Meets Lefty & Knuckles – Released July 3, 2018

Layne wishes to be like his big brother Gabe, the world’s first Space Cowboy. When Mr. Important Man shows up and requests Layne’s help, he can’t believe it! Working with Mysterious Man to battle Lefty & Knuckles proves to be everything Layne wanted.

Also includes Gabe and Layne: The Battle to Save the Playground. Gabe and Layne need to band together to battle Mole Man, who has devised a plot to blow up their playground, their school and their friends!

Steve Stred usually writes Horror fiction. For fun he decided to write some up-lifting kid’s action adventure! The goal of each story is to let kid’s know that the sky is the limit and that if they work hard they can achieve their dreams!

Formats: ebook & paperback


Ayrielle and Willow Band Together! – Released July 3, 2018

When the Brothers of Awesome are called away, Mr. Important Man decides the earth needs more heroes! Enter Cousins Ayrielle and Willow!

In their first adventure, Mr. Angry Man has decided to blow up the Artic, flooding the world!

It is up to Ayrielle and Willow to disarm the bomb and change how Mr. Angry Man looks at life. But before they can even get to him, they must overcome some of nature’s most extreme obstacles!

In the second adventure, Mr. Short Fuse, (Mr. Angry Man’s brother) decides he has also had enough, and takes off into outer space, focused on blowing up the sun with a nuclear bomb! Mr.

Mr. Important Man and Dr. Extravagant ensure Ayrielle and Willow are more than ready to take him on!

Formats: ebook & paperback