GhostWriters Series Books 1 and 2!


Title: City of Ghosts (GhostsWriters Series Book One)

Release date: April 15, 2017

*Winner of the 2018 Kindle Book Review Award for best Horror/Suspense*

During the time of my discovery of Moncrieff’s work, we’d began corresponding through Twitter and Facebook. We developed an initial acquaintance that worked into a friendship through a number of shared experiences and love of literature.

Through these correspondences, J.H. told me time and time again that ‘City of Ghosts’ and the GhostWriters series itself was the writing that was closest to her heart.

The GhostWriters series has now spawned five releases and I can’t see Moncrieff slowing down.

These are supernatural/paranormal stories based around mystery and action/adventure. Book 1 – ‘City of Ghosts’ brings us to China where we are introduced to Jackson, a young man who is trying to go viral by documenting ghosts in an old temple.

From here Moncrieff delivers a fantastic historical-fiction piece while also giving us a ghostly ‘who-done-it’ story.

I finished this back in January of 2020, with my review going live today, and still think about a number of scenes in this book.

If you head to Moncrieff’s website, which I said before – you absolutely should – she has a lot of different posts about haunted places. Not only does she do the non-fiction posts amazing, but the fiction writing side of it is top notch as well. The characters are great and as Jackson and Kate become closer, we get to see a really well done character driven arc.

I started reading Book Two just last night (September 17th) which is called ‘The Girl Who Talks To Ghosts’ and we get to see more of Kate’s story. Very excited to see where the next four books take me!

To start your own trip into the mysterious;

the girl

Title: The Girl Who Talks to Ghosts (GhostWriters Series Book Two)

Release date: April 22, 2017

Shortly after finishing ‘City of Ghosts’ I dove into Book Two of The GhostWriters Series. Picking up some time after the events in book one, we find Kate as our main character and she needs to help track down the soul of a girl snatched away from her body and taken to Poveglia, the most haunted island in the world!

This was a great follow up. We get to learn bits and pieces about the island as well as Moncrieff gives us a really well laid out psychological thriller. 

I personally loved the sleight of hand used for Maria! Just you wait.

One thing I’ve really come to love about J.H.’s work, is that whether it is dialog driven or action driven, the story always gallops along!

There’s not a lot I can really add to this without sounding like a broken record from my review that is launching today as well!

Just go snag these!

I’ll be diving into book three soon!