Well it took some time friends, but I’m pleased to announce officially that Left Hand Path: 13 more tales of black magick has been resurrected and is back from the poorly edited grave!

MASSIVE, MASSIVE, MASSIVE thanks to Mr. David Sodergren (author of The Forgotten Island, seriously read it!) for taking the time to edit all of the stories, and MASSIVE, MASSIVE, MASSIVE thanks to J.Z. Foster (author of Wicked Ones, Witch Hunter and Mind Wreck, seriously read them all!) for re-formatting it for me!

Now if you’ve purchased the book and want the updated edited version, please email me and I can send you the pdf or kindle copy.  Sorry I’m really not financially able to replace everyone’s books!  If you’re a reviewer and have a physical copy, let me know and I can also send you the pdf or mobi/epub version!  I will be running a free promo of this asap, once Amazon allows me to, as a thank you!

I believe I have emailed everyone whom I have previously spoken with regarding an updated copy, but please if I’ve missed you, message me!

Finally, if you were waiting to buy, I have dropped the kindle copy by $1 and the physical copy by $2 as a thanks as well!

Cheers, and thank you all for your patience!


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