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So this blog post is a bit different than most of my other ones.

This was going to be the big ole exciting “PREORDERS ARE OPEN!” blog post that I had planned for this coming Friday.  I’ve decided to push it up.


A friend and his family need help.

If you have followed my literary career (my short, just starting literary career), there have been a few key players throughout.  Folks who have, time and time again, stepped up and gone out of their way to help me, give me advice and guidance and who’ve always wanted me to succeed.

Justin M. Woodward has been there since day 1.

If you haven’t followed me (and that’s totally fine J) you may recognize his name from his releases; The Variant, Candy and Tamer Animals.

Now before I get too far into this – I just want to make it abundantly clear, that I have discussed this with Justin already, and was given my blessing to post this.  I would never do something like this without getting his consent first.

So – yesterday the news began to trickle out that Justin’s mother Tonya has recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 Bone Cancer.  This was discovered after she had an MRI.  News like this is devastating.  We all know someone who has been touched by Cancer in some way, some reading this may have already battled it.  She begins radiation today in fact, January 21, 2019.  The goal with the radiation is to reduce her pain and prolong her time with her family and friends.


That brings us to this blog post.  On February 28, 2019, my next harrowing release arrives; The Girl Who Hid in the Trees.  And pre-orders are now live!  In fact, they’ve been live for about a week already but Amazon was having some issues with my display image, so I waited until it was cleared up to share.  Gavin at Kendall Reviews (who wrote one of the most fantastic and nicest forewords ever!) shared it on twitter, but I wanted to make sure things looked good.  So far there’s already been 9 pre-orders!  Which is insane.  Technically 10, but the first one was mine J

I want to help Tonya, Justin and his family out.  To that end, I want to let you all know that (with Justin’s blessing) all of the proceeds from the pre-orders will be going directly to Tonya and their Go Fund Me.  The United States unfortunately is a place where people can rack up medical expenses quickly, so I want to help out and try and reduce any financial burden.  As well, all of the paperback proceeds from the first month will be going their way as well.

Additionally – if you feel that you just want to go ahead and donate directly through their Go Fund Me page, if you donate $50 or more, I will send you a 5 Ebook package, which will include my Novel Invisible, my three Novellas; Jane: the 816 Chronicles, Wagon Buddy and YURI and my first short story collection Frostbitten: 12 Hymns of Misery.

Below you will find the links to the Go Fund Me, and the pre-order links for the book for Canada, USA and the UK.

I will be rolling out the promotional machine as planned, to try and get the pre-order links in front of as many folks as I can, but I would really, really appreciate it, if you all could share this blog post and let’s help keep Tonya and family smiling.


Canada Pre-order:

USA Pre-order:

UK Pre-order:




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