Book Review- Tesla: Obliterating the Deep State Series Book 1 – Jason Walker

I admit it.  I’m a massive fan of conspiracy theories.  I love the alternative history stuff for a number of reasons, but mostly for the unknown.  The what-ifs?

I came across this book on Net Galley and the synopsis and cover had me intrigued.  It was a fast read, and for the most part a very fun read.

The story is split into two parts.  The main bulk of the story follows former SAS officer Darren Mathews and his wife/soulmate Anna Mathews.  Darren met Anna on a top secret mission and they fell in love.  They have a daughter Dana who, throughout is discussed but never has dialogue.

Darren’s story is a good one.  He’s in charge of recovery operations.  Working now for a classified division of the CIA, Darren heads to remote locations and helps archaeologists and anthropologists etc retrieve things found at newly discovered sites.  The majority of the sites throughout the book are pyramids deep underground or crashed UFO’s.

The other split in the story is a systematic fictional look at Tesla as he attempted to develop a few of his experiments.  I have to admit, the parts with Tesla were done well and added some intrigue to the story, but I didn’t find it necessary and a bit of me found it taking away from Darren’s part of the story.  I wanted to get back to his stuff whenever Tesla’s side came up.

The ending of the story was a fun romp through some underground tunnels, and at first I found it a bit of an odd twist, but knowing this was “Book 1” I let it slide and hope we get to see deeper down the stairs in Book 2.  I also felt like the ending of the Tesla story line left a lot open for Book 2 or further.  So I’ll patiently wait.

Two last bits here, and its two bits I normally never discuss in reviews.

Firstly – the foreword.  It was one of the few forewords that I enjoyed and I think it really worked to warm me up towards where the author was coming from.  He did make note of finding ‘others’ on Fivrr and it has me wondering if this was some of his stuff and some ghost writer stuff.  At the end of the book, I’m still not sure.  I found some stylistic changes occurring throughout, as though someone wrote it and sent it to someone else to finish a section.  It wasn’t jarring, just something I noticed.

Second – the editing.  There are a lot of issues with misspelled words etc throughout.  I’m easy going about it and normally I wouldn’t even bring any of it up… BUT one of the key parts of alien lore was misspelled and it irked me.  I constantly was googling stuff on my phone.  Like I said, I love conspiracy theory stuff, and there’s plenty of mentions throughout.  One thing that I’ve heard of before was ‘The Greada Treaty.’  This is proposed meeting between Eisenhower and Aliens about their technology.  It was spelled The Grenada Treaty.  I felt annoyed that something that important in the alien conspiracy theory world wasn’t spelled correctly.

Saying that – I did receive this through Net Galley and while I didn’t see that this was created as an unedited advance copy, I’m taking it to be that.  I’ve also not knocked any marks down or anything due to these issues.

Overall, I did enjoy this tale and I’m looking forward to the series continuing.  This is a fun, fast read for conspiracy and alternative history fans, and as I mentioned before, you’ll be googling and researching a number of things that the author brings to light!

Thank you to Net Galley and the Publisher for an ARC to review!


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