Apologies – no real blog post this week!

Hey all!  Apologies – I didn’t do my normal blog post last week due to the cover reveal of The Stranger over on Kendall Reviews!

This week I’ll also not be doing one.  I have a work conference in Vancouver, BC which I’ll be attending from Wednesday until Saturday, arriving home very, very early Sunday morning.

So – I figured I’d offer this up as a quick bit of news!

I made it a priority to get it done and I did!  About an hour ago I finished the final read through of The Stranger, created the review Mobi files and emailed them off to the normal folks who are always so kind to check out my stuff and promote it/review it!

If you’re not on my normal list and would really like to check out something – drop me a line – DM, contact form here or email (stevestred@gmail.com)  I’m pretty easy going!

The reception for the cover art for The Stranger has been staggeringly amazing!  I hope you all dig the tale within as well!

So – I’ll be sporadically around on social media the rest of the week!  Take care of yourselves and I just saw I hit 800 followers on Twitter!  WOWSA!

Next week I’ll be doing a Wednesday blog post, as Thursday at work at a satellite clinic and Friday I’m off work for Easter!



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