The Stranger – Black Hardcover Edition

Over on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook I just shared a picture (with my son who was very excited to be in the picture, showing off his superman shirt!) of what YOU could win in an upcoming contest!  This is a super limited The Stranger all black, gloss hardcover.  They are gorgeous.  Here’s the pic with it beside the limited Hardcover of The Stranger (which are now all gone and sold out! Thank you so much!)


Now, I won’t give any info on how you can win it, but I will give a little bit of details on this limited.

I decided first to do a limited hardcover as a thanks for all the folks who’ve supported me and those who always message and ask about me ever doing a hardcover.

As an Indie Author, hardcovers are scary.  We have to fund this up front etc.  That’s why so many Indie Author’s choose to go with Amazon for releasing our books, as the physical paperbacks are print at purchase.  So we have no upfront expenses or overhead.  So for The Stranger, which has more stunning artwork plus mixes into a few of my other works, I thought it would be a possibility.  I spoke a bit about my hesitation about doing them with David Sodergren (his newest Night Shoot is now out and is absolutely glorious; and he said it would be cool to do it and offer an exclusive short story to make it a bit more attractive.  I thought that was a fantastic idea so I crafted a really neat ‘bridge’ story that those who bought the hardcover will really dig.

I started researching printers and it became quickly apparent that there were only a few options that would work.  With one printer I also saw a few of the various print products they had and was intrigued.  So I messaged my pal Gavin at Kendall Reviews and said I was thinking about doing a super limited version and would he be interested in partnering for a giveaway for one and he was on board.

This all black one features a high gloss cover, full black wrap.  It says The Stranger on the front and The Stranger on the spine.  On the back is the required ISBN.  That’s it.  I kept this super minimal, it doesn’t even feature my name.

On the inside is the cover art, as well as the limited signing sheet.  There are only 5 of these in existence.  I made two special extra ones for my nephews, but they have a slight change, just for them.  So you will win one of only 5 in existence.

It features the limited hardcover foreword, the regular book foreword, The Tooth Collector lead in story, The Stranger novel, the afterword, a bonus afterword, the super limited short story I mentioned earlier and it also features my first interview I did over at Kendall Reviews.  I still think it’s one of my best interviews and while me and Gavin had interacted a bunch behind the scenes at that point, I think it was then that we really solidified our friendship.  I believe I joined the KR reviews team shortly after and of writing this post, I’ve had 73 reviews featured on his site.  I’m hoping to finish 2019 off at 120 featured reviews on his site.  We’ll see how it goes!

So there you have it.  5 copies ever created.  One can be yours.  Full details will be announced on Friday on Kendall Reviews.  I know you’ll have questions, but they’ll all be answered.

But to give you a heads up, because I want you all to be as excited about winning this as I am that it even exists;

  • the contest will be open Internationally
  • the contest will run on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



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