Mini-review: The Salesman by Mason McDonald

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Mini-review: The Salesman by Mason McDonald

If you follow any of my author exploits, the name Mason McDonald should ring a bell! Not only has Mason grown into a great friend, he’s also the man behind the covers for my 11 of my releases (a few haven’t come out yet and this number will surely grow!).

What I’ve also been yelling about frequently for a few years as well – is that Mason is a fantastic writer. It’s almost to the point of me bullying him to hurry up and release ‘Crawley’s House,’ a novella that blew me away.

So, it was a pleasant surprise when I saw him announce the release of the short story ‘The Salesman.’ To be fair, part of the surprise was I had been hounding him to submit this story to a few places for the better part of the last 6 months, but I’m glad to see it arrive.

‘The Salesman’ follows our main character Tom. He needs a fresh start, so he searches out the mysterious Salesman to make that happen. We get a great flashback that tells us just why he needs this redo and then things go bonkers.

It was released on Amazon yesterday (January 7th, 2020) and will be free today and the next three days after!

If you want a really fun, quick read, please go snag it!



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