Book Review: Go Fish by Ian Rogers

go fish

Title: Go Fish

Author: Ian Rogers

Release Date: April 15, 2020


Ian Rogers has been a Canadian author that is frequently recommended to me and while I still have his release ‘Every House is Haunted’ to read, when Tor announced this novella release as a Original, I was excited to snag it and read it asap. At a brisk 50 pages this was an easy one sitting read and I think I finished it in around a half hour, which for anyone looking for a slump buster or a distraction from a slow spot on a long read, this fits the bill perfectly.

What I liked: The story is straight forward enough – a trio of paranormal investigators arrive at a seemingly abandoned warehouse in Toronto to determine what was behind a horrendous murder. It’s from that simple premise that Rogers created an entire world in a very small page count. This should easily appeal to fans of The X-Files, Fringe or even the BPRD series. The trio have great banter and even though you’ve just met them, you feel like you know each character almost immediately.

The ‘reason’ for the murder is fantastic and I loved the description that Rogers delivered to us readers.

What I didn’t like: For a book this short and sweet, there’s not a lot of meat to pick over, but if I had to really find something, I’d say I wished there was a touch more at the ending, maybe a group debriefing or something to give us a sense of what is next for the trio.

Why you should buy it: You actually don’t have to if you’re budget strapped right now. You can read the book for free on Tor’s website. If you’re like me, and struggle to read like that or have the time to sit at your computer and read, the ebook is only 99 cents.

This was a really fun time. Rogers created a fully formed world with characters that you could see and touch in only 50 pages and the ‘battle’ or ‘fight’ that occurs as the climactic moment was action packed. This would be a great introduction to Rogers’ work, but for fans of his already, I suspect this will be a great addition to his bibliography. Now, I just hope we get more of this group and if there are already stories featuring this trio, please somebody, let me know – I want to dive in to those stories immediately!


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Go Fish by Ian Rogers

  1. Thanks for the kind review, Steve. Sounds like you should crack open “Every House Is Haunted.” The first Mereville Group story is in there, “The House on Ashley Avenue,” as well as a few others.


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