Pyper brings us a new ghost story…


The Residence will arrive September, 2020!


Alright, so thus far, you’ve all come along on this retrospective journey of my travels through Andrew’s books. While technically we are down to two that have been released, there are three in his bibliography. ‘The Guardians’ and ‘The Killing Circle’ sat wallowing on my TBR for the exact same reasons I’ve moaned about this entire month like a giant douche. “Ohhhhh, but what if I don’t like a book from my favorite author… wahhhhh!”


But then Andrew announced that he would be having a book released in 2020.


‘The Homecoming’ wasn’t even a year old and already we had news of a new release! AND even better;

That’s frickin’ right! A TV Series. Now, obviously we can’t get our hopes up, way up, because the TV and Movie industry are fickle jerks. Pyper fans have been patiently waiting for adaptations of ‘The Demonologist,’ ‘The Damned,’ and ‘The Homecoming,’ for a bit. But ‘The Residence’ seems like as close to a sure thing as most sure things are.

On my end, the announcement of the new novel meant two immediate things – 1) I pre-ordered the hardcover. 2) I pre-ordered the Kindle version.

I’d struck out previously in my attempt to acquire an ARC for ‘The Homecoming,’ so I didn’t get my hopes up. When I’d asked Andrew previously about who to email regarding getting onto a review’s copy list, he kindly passed on the contact information, but I never heard back. (I’m not saying this to get anyone in trouble or anything, just what happened!)

I saw Andrew post a photo of his physical ARC’s one day and sent him a congratulations message. I’m that type of person. I like to congratulate, support and build people up. And I’m also a card guy. I just like to let people know that I truly do appreciate them and that I don’t take anything for granted. (Just ask Andrew! I’ve probably sent him 10 thank you cards over the past few years!)

But then I was chatting with my pal Sam on Instagram, and she said I should email the ARC person again. So, I messaged Andrew to ask who to contact for this book. I didn’t want to assume it was the same publicist and look like a big time jerk for cold-emailing someone not even affiliated with the release.

Insanely, Andrew offered to send me a copy. I’ll wait while you pick your jaws off the ground. I haven’t been sharing too many of my personalized copies from Andrew, but I’ll share this one!


That’s right! I came home from work one day and saw a package from Andrew! My wife hadn’t even told me it arrived and IT WAS A PHYSICAL ARC!

Now, I need to jump back before the physical ARC arrived. I get a decent amount of digital review books from Netgalley. But one day, over on Twitter, the fantastic Michael Patrick Hicks tweeted at me that ‘The Residence’ was available on Edelweiss. I’d never used Edelweiss and heard they were difficult to get approvals from. I signed up and requested the book for review and amazingly, I was approved about three days later.

This time, I didn’t wait. I dove into the book that night and over the next three nights, Pyper took me to a time in the White House that I’ll never forget. To sounds in the halls, rooms unseen and a family under enormous stress – both from Political happenings, but also from horrific loss.

Of course, this is a Pyper book, so while the historical narrative is engrossing, it’s the little dashes of the paranormal he injects early on that will make you wonder just what is happening. The way Andrew pulls the reader along, to have them need to know what is going to happen next is always stellar, but with ‘The Residence’ he’s found another gear. Whether it was having a set-in-stone floor plan already available, or two characters that share the spotlight that have such a troubled history already, but in this book, Andrew alternates between thriller and sorrow as deftly as someone flipping a coin and calling it in the air.

‘The Residence’ shows that there really is no slowing down with Andrew. As The National Post stated before and as used on many of his book covers, “Pyper could be the next Stephen King,” and I’m pleading with the powers that be to make that a reality here. Andrew has concurred Canada and is the King of the Horror/Thriller world up here. The world is next. And I’m confident that ‘The Residence’ will be that crack in the chain mail armor that will let the rest of the world fully embrace ‘the next one’ as ‘the already here one.’

As for me, I’m always waiting to see what Andrew will announce next!

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