That’s a wrap.


Here we are.

I can’t believe the month is over. It’s actually gut wrenching for me.

Look, you may sit on the other side and say “so what dude, it’s over.” But for me, this was so much more. This was a guy from a town of less than 100 people discovering an author and actually connecting with that author. This was a guy who decided to show the world why he loves these books so much, in the hopes that others discover them as well. Hell, this was a guy who actually has interviewed his favorite author THREE times now. Who has all of his books signed and personalized.

It’s a feeling I really can’t explain in words, even though, for some of you out there, you read my own writing and believe I’m half decent.

For those who are reading this. Just know, that every single time Andrew Pyper has liked any of my posts, shared them or commented on them, it’s a dream come true. That may sound insanely overboard, but when I first spotted ‘The Demonologist’ all those years ago, I never once believed that it would grow to the ability to celebrate Andrew’s work this much.

So, I’m going to stop gushing. Or will try.

May has come and gone. In a very trying time in this world. Books have always been a salvation for mankind when strife hits. I hope you have an author who fills that spot in your readers soul, like Andrew does mine.

What did we do together this month? I managed to cobble together a retrospective on each of Andrew’s releases. Posted reviews of all but two, simply because it has been far too long since I’d read them. Had a fantastic guest review from my friend Jennifer Sullivan. Not one, but two interviews! Two!

And, as you’ve probably seen by now – an amazing contest, where Andrew will sign and personalize a copy of ‘The Demonologist’ to one lucky winner.

I’ll be creating a heading on my menu here on the site, so that all of the retrospectives, interviews and reviews will be easily find-able.

As I wrap this up, the inevitable question of what’s next rears its head. Three things are in the pipeline.

  1. I plan on doing a celebration of J.H. Moncrieff. Her writing is stunning and she’s agreed to tackle an interview. So watch for that.
  2. I also plan on doing a celebration of Duncan Ralston. He is also an amazing writing and he’s agreed to have me give him the gears as well.
  3. What about next May? Well, I definitely can tell you that I’ll want to celebrate Andrew’s work again next year. If he’s willing (hint!) maybe we can see about doing another interview or an AMA or something. We got a year, I’ll get it sorted.

Lastly – I’ve had a few people message to ask about the order of my love of Pyper’s books. That’s a tough one, because I love them all. But for those curious, here is how I would order them from absolute fav to fav!

  1. The Killing Circle
  2. The Guardians
  3. The Homecoming
  4. The Only Child
  5. The Wildfire Season
  6. The Residence
  7. The Demonologist
  8. Lost Girls
  9. The Damned
  10. The Trade Mission

I won’t include the ‘Kiss Me’ collection, purely because of it being a very different focus, but I loved it as well.

To all those who have read, shared, liked and commented – thank you.

To Andrew – thank you.

To Andrew’s books – you’ll never know just how vital a part of my life you’ve been. Thank you for always being there when I needed you.

Until we meet again,


One thought on “That’s a wrap.

  1. It was a good Pyper blog series. His stories are SO fun and scary. I have The Only Child up next, and I want to read The Residence like crazy (even requested it on NetGalley, fingers crossed!).

    Ralston, great writer. Moncrieff . . . I haven’t read anything by her. It’ll be interesting to learn about a new-to-me author.


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