Book Review: Always Judge a Book By It’s Cover by Morton R. Leader

judge a book

Title: Always Judge a Book By It’s Cover

Author: Morton R. Leader

Release date: March 9th, 2020

At some point recently, I connected with Morton on Twitter. Morton kindly snagged a bunch of my free ebooks when offered a few weeks back, but it was when they replied to my sarcastic 1 star post about my book ‘Ritual’ that they just wished to see some reviews of their book, my reviewer heartstrings were delicately plucked and I grabbed a copy of their book.

I’ll be very honest here and say that this book is very rough around the edges. I didn’t see any mention or acknowledgement of an editor and at times this shines through to an extreme degree.

What I liked: The story follows Jenny, grieving for the death of her grandmother, who has left her her house. When some yard work is needed to be done, she hires a man to come get some of it finished and they connect.

It’s at this point that a lot of the book will either connect with the reader or go off the rails. They discover that Jenny’s grandma was a witch and accidentally find out that they can switch bodies, which leads to them getting it on while inhabiting the other persons body etc. Parts of this were good fun, parts of it were sophomoric and cringe worthy.

Morton does have an ease with which they write, and the story flows along well for the most part.

What I didn’t like: For me, personally, the book went of the rails with the body swapping. I’m open to reading about anything (just check my browser history), but it became a bit repetitive. This very well could have been a unique plot point used to further the story, but I just found it bogged it down.

I think Morton can definitely improve on refining a lot of what was happening here and there is big time potential with the meat of this story, once passed through the eyes of a few more beta readers and an editor.

*For those reading this – I am not going to mention the cover of the book for a book with this title. There may very well be a reason for it specifically or financially.

Why you should buy this: I won’t go into what happens after the body swapping starts, but safe to say, things keep taking a turn from there. I think if you’ve read the line that they swap bodies and explore things and that intrigues you, you’ll want to dive into it.

I’m excited to see just what Morton can come up with next and I think we’ll be seeing a writer working hard to improve their craft!




One thought on “Book Review: Always Judge a Book By It’s Cover by Morton R. Leader

  1. An honest and supportive review off Steve Stred, who goes the extra mile to support newbie/indie and up and coming writers.


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