The Bear Who Wouldn’t Leave

the bear

Title: The Bear Who Wouldn’t Leave

Release date: May 5th, 2015

After devouring through ‘Return to Dyatlov Pass’ I knew I needed to scope out some more Moncrieff and read her work.

When I searched out her other work, this cover jumped out immediately. Look at it! How simple, yet how absolutely petrifying.

A bear, stairs and a child peaking down at it.

The story that unfolded was dread filled.

Here’s my 5-star Goodreads review, posted August 10, 2018;

“Riveting Novella!

I have previously read Return to Dyatlov Pass by J.H. Moncrieff, and after reading the blurb on this book, I couldn’t resist.

This is a creepy throw back tale, reminding you that sometimes your stuffed animals were watching you, plotting against you.

This story will make you feel helpless, unnerved, angry and unsettled; all in a fantastic way!

Highly recommend!”

There is a lot to unpack in this story. I remember just how emotional it made me. Between our young child struggling with a jerk stepfather, to the bear itself.

The possessed toy narrative is always a plot point that’ll make each and every reader feel unnerved. Growing up we all had times where a noise in the dark scared us, kept us awake. A strange shadow that our night-light illuminated and broadcast in the corners of our rooms. The movie franchise ‘Toy Story’ created a film based around toys coming to life when the humans weren’t around, but deep down, many of us had been believing that was the truth during our youth’s long before Pixar brought it to cinemas.

Such is the case of ‘The Bear Who Wouldn’t Leave.’

Growing up, did you have a toy that scared you or frightened you?

I’d love to hear about it!

Otherwise – definitely give this one a read!

2 thoughts on “The Bear Who Wouldn’t Leave

  1. That poor bear. He just wanted to be loved.

    One “fun fact” a lot of readers don’t know…Edgar is a symbol of our own xenophobia, and how we treat those who are different can come back to haunt us.


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