My Andrew Pyper Collection

Pyper shelf with plaque

Pyper shelf

If you follow me on any of my social media accounts, you’ve undoubtedly discovered my love of Andrew Pyper’s books. In fact, you may have even discovered this love through my two celebrations of Andrew’s work, which I dubbed PYPER-MAY-NIA and did a bunch of posts around his work the last two May’s. Andrew was even kind enough to let me interview him three times for those celebrations and participated in a signed book giveaway.

So, why are we here, today, with this post. A few reasons really. I recently was able to get my hands on the final ARC (advanced reader’s copy) that I needed to have a complete collection. Through this, some folks have asked about what books I have and which ones are signed.

For me, as well, I just have a passion for books and while my love of Pyper’s work may annoy some (looking at my wife, and probably a bunch of Twitter folks!) it brings me great joy day in and day out. How books should be.

I know that I’m not the best photographer of books, so Andrew and the book community/bookstagram world, I do apologize, but please find my collection below.


30 books

9 Hardcovers

10 Arcs

14 personalized/inscribed

9 flat signed

23 total signed

I’m actually working on this, knowing in a few hours I’ll be watching Andrew chat about The Residence as part of the Blue Heron Book Event!

Kiss Me – released January 1st, 1996 by The Porcupine’s Quill.

Kiss Me Cover

Andrew’s first release and only collection thus far, ‘Kiss Me’ features a group of stories that are very far from the horror/thriller author we know of today. These were a fantastic mix. Loved this.

I was lucky enough to get this one signed by Andrew. I have to say, the paper used for this release is amazing.

Kiss Me Inscribed

This book was released without any ARC’s or Hardcover versions, hence my singular copy.

Lost Girls – released April 13th, 2000 

Lost Girls Covers

Of the three, the paperback was my first version in my collection. I actually ordered that and the paperback of The Damned at the same time from Coles in Seven Oaks Mall in Abbotsford when I lived there. It’s amazing how books (and music) can transport you to a specific time and place.

I was lucky enough to get the paperback signed by Andrew.

Lost Girls Paperback

Lost Girls inscribed

The Hardcover is gorgeous. When I ordered it, I had no idea it was already flat signed (in silver sharpie!) and came in a protective sleeve.

Lost Girls hardcover

Lost Girls flatsigned

Lastly is the ARC. This one is really neat, because it came with the feedback card still tucked into it!

Lost Girls ARC

Lost Girls ARC card

Of the three covers, my personal favorite is the paperback one. With how the story unfolds, the girl floating in the water is both a gorgeous cover but ominous.

The Trade Mission – released September 1st, 2002

Trade Mission Covers

Of all of Andrews books, I think this one has had the most amount of cover variations. I might be wrong, but my Kindle version is completely different, as well as I’ve seen two other paperback variations.

It was also released as ‘Dark Descent’ in paperback form.

The Hardcover version was actually my first one of these, followed by the ‘Dark Descent’ paperback and then the ARC. I have both the Hardcover and paperback signed.

Trade Mission hardcover

Trade Mission hardcover inscribed

Dark Descent paperback

Dark Descent Inscribed

Trade Mission ARC

Of all of Andrew’s work, I think this survival story is the most overlooked. Sure, Kiss Me may not be in most readers minds, but it’s a different beast altogether. The Trade Mission was a dark read, showing the lengths people go to survive. Definitely one I wish more people would read.

Of all the covers that have came out, I still love the Hardcover/ARC variation with the shadowed jungle as the focus.

The Wildfire Season – released January 1st, 2005

Wildfire season covers

I remember finishing off The Wildfire Season and immediately messaging Andrew on Twitter. I try not to be a bother, but The Wildfire Season felt like he’d created this book just for me. It was fantastic.

The paperback was one I got for Christmas a few years back, which amazingly Andrew inscribed for me!

wildfire season paperback

wildfire season paperback inscribed

Much to my surprise, both the Hardcover and ARC that I tracked down came flat signed!

wildfire season hardcover

wildfire season hardcover flatsigned

wildfire season arc

wildfire season arc flatsigned

Of the three covers, I personally think the Hardcover one is my favorite. I love that raven soaring through the burning forest. It perfectly sums up the experience in Ross River.

The Killing Circle – released January 1st, 2008

My favorite book of all time.

killing circle covers

What Andrew Pyper crafted here is absolutely phenomenal and it boggles my mind that this was released way back in 2008. Shamefully, this was also the last Pyper book I read. I saved it until the end, worried I might not like it, like a total schmuck.

I love the paperback cover variation between these two. A single edge of a circle bleeding out onto the page. Stunning. 

killing circle paperback

killing circle paperback inscribed

The ARC was one that was sent to me by mistake. I was trying to track down The Only Child ARC and the shipper said they had that and sent this out. Not only was it incorrect (which I was fine with!) but it was flat signed!

killing circle arc

killing circle arc flatsigned

killing circle hardcover

The Guardians – released February 1st, 2011

the guardians covers

The Guardians might very well be the best Canadian coming-of-age/haunted house story ever written. Pyper has such a way with crafting characters and environments, that this one floored me when I read it. 

Of the three covers I have, I think the paperback version is my favorite, which is also the one I have signed.

the guardians paperback

the guardians paperback inscribed

The ARC of The Guardians is gorgeous. It really is. Even if I was a proficient photographer, I don’t think justice could be done.

the guardians arc

the guardians hardcover

The colors on the Hardcover are fantastic in person. Again, my poor skills steal some of the beauty that inhabits these books.

The Demonologist – released March 5th, 2013

demonologist covers

The Demonologist is responsible for three things.

It was my gateway Pyper book. My first discovery and first experience. I’ve told the story a million times, but years ago I spotted the paperback copy of The Demonologist in Walmart in Abbotsford. I ended up buying it (along with The Troop by Nick Cutter) as part of Walmart’s 2 for $15 deals.

The second thing it was responsible for was my desire to collect Andrew’s books and ARC’s. The Demonologist ARC was my first Pyper ARC, and one surprisingly that I stumbled upon at Value Village here in Edmonton.

The third thing, really, is that the story within The Demonologist made me an instant fan and within days of finishing that book I’d ordered The Damned and Lost Girls. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Let’s start with the paperback first, which is signed and personalized.

demonologist paperback

demonologist paperback inscribed

Next, let’s take a little look at the ARC, which is also signed.

demonologist arc

demonologist arc artwork

I love the artwork that is in this book. The ARC has this inlay, while it’s also on the Hardcover.

demonologist interior art

demonologist arc inscribed

And now, let’s take a closer look at the Hardcover of The Demonologist. This is easily the most gorgeous book I own. Photos really don’t do this thing justice. As well, the texture of the dust jacket is sublime. 

demonologist hardcover

demonologist hardcover front art

demonologist back art

Just a stunning release. I find myself removing it from the shelf every few days to admire it and just feel it within my fingers.

The Damned – released January 1st, 2015

the damned covers

As I mentioned, The Damned was just the third Pyper book I owned. I grabbed the paperback, with the flames on the cover, along with Lost Girls shortly after finishing The Demonologist.

the damned paperback

the damned paperback inscribed

I really do love the cover art for the ARC and the Hardcover.

the damned arc

the damned hardcover

The Only Child – released May 23rd, 2017

the only child covers

The hardest one to get, of all my ARC’s was The Only Child. I’ll talk about The Homecoming ARC next, but The Only Child was an odd one. It just simply didn’t exist. I searched long and hard for this one, sending out almost 300 inquiries to try and track it down. I still can’t believe I managed to find a copy of it! I did deep dives on Google, Instagram and Twitter. Emailing, DMing and commenting whenever I found an image of it, knowing that someone had possessed the book! I’ll be forever indebted to Benoit for digging through his stored books and finding it in the last box! (And big thanks to Erin for connecting us!)

This book features my favorite opening line ever;

“She was awakened by the monster knocking at the door.”

The Hardcover is gorgeous. I love the raised lettering effect, but on The Only Child, it really does feel pristine.

the only child hardcover

The paperback is stunning, with a mild variation on the look of the image from the Hardcover. I’m also blessed to have my paperback inscribed.

the only child paperback

The ARC is just stunning. I love it so much and still can’t believe it’s on my shelf!

the only child arc

One thing I always joke about, but have yet to be told otherwise, is that I believe the man walking away on the cover is in fact Andrew Pyper. Even when I’ve casually brought it up in messages etc, it’s never been acknowledged or confirmed/denied…

The Homecoming – released February 26th, 2019

the homecoming covers

Ah, The Homecoming. The second hardest ARC to find. It took me over a year to find one, as I did another deep dive into it’s whereabouts.

Some folks might find it odd that I didn’t receive one, considering I did my first Pyper-May-Nia celebration only a few months after this came out, but the reality was, at that time, I wasn’t known by anyone or thought of by anyone as someone to receive it. I say that with no sense of arrogance or ego, I’m still not a known reviewer or author etc, to any large degree, but at the time of this release, I simply didn’t have any sort of hook ups or contacts to receive one.

It wasn’t until I connected with Dana recently, who found her copy and sent it out that I was able to add it to my collection!

Sadly, The Homecoming only came out in paperback format. I wish this had a Hardcover option because the cover art and colors are stunning.

the homecoming inscribed

The Residence – released September 1st, 2020

the residence covers

The Residence. A haunted White House.

My first official ARC.

I’d received hundreds of digital ARC’s for reviews before. Heck, I’d even received a digital ARC of ‘The Residence’ through Edelweiss. But this one is special. Why? Because Andrew sent it to me himself. Amazing.

I love the mild variation between the three. The Hardcover has a quote from Josh Malerman, while the paperback has a quote from Iain Reid.

I have the ARC and the Hardcover signed already!

the residence hardcover inscribed

the residence arc inscribed

the residence paperback

Other Pyper things;

I currently have two other Pyper collectables or ephemera, if you will. 

The first is my custom Pyper plaque. My super talented brother-in-law Devon made it for me in his wood shop. I was inspired to do something unique after seeing the love that my pal George has shown for his Paul Tremblay collection.

Pyper shelf with plaque

The second is the amazing gift that Andrew gave me, from our mutual friend Jennifer. It is a photo of Andrew’s own demon research bookshelf and he kindly signed it as well!



I actually have this sitting near me at work as inspiration for my own writing.

So, there we go. All of my collection in one tidy post. Phew. Amazing.

What’s next then?

A few things;

1 – I’m trying to track down the three Brazilian editions of Andrew’s work. They are stunning Hardcovers, but I’ve had difficulties with shipping from Brazil.

2 – I’m trying to figure out something cool to do with two of the books that didn’t have Hardcover releases.

3 – I’m planning on doing a reread of The Demonologist, The Damned and Lost Girls. It’s been a number of years since I’ve read them and want to experience them all over again!

4 – I’m trying to think of something neat to do for the third installment of Pyper-May-Nia!

Thank you for putting up with my love of these books. They really have made a profound impact on my life.

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