Book Review: Temple of Ghosts by J.H. Moncrieff


Title: Temple of Ghosts (Ghost Writers Series #3)

Author: J.H. Moncrieff

Release date: November 6th, 2017

Jackson and Kate return, in this, Moncrieff’s third entry into her fantastic Ghost Writers Series. The series itself now has six books out as well as the first in a spin off series, but I’m still plugging away, now having finished the third book. Moncrieff is one of my favorite writers, but with series’ it is always a dilemma. Do you dive into the next book right away? Do you take some time between releases?

In this case, I decided to take some time away, but am so happy to have returned to the ever expanding world of these two supernatural/paranormal helpers. After events in China and then Poviglia, we now see ourselves heading to Egypt, a place that’s always held a fascinating and mystical spot in my mind.

(Side note – I’ve already read Moncrieff’s next release – the amazingly dark ‘The Restoration’ out through Flame Tree Press at the end of October – don’t sleep on that one!)

What I liked: After the events in book two, we pick up shortly after in book three. Jackson and Kate realize something else is up and things ramp up and explode from there. It’s tough to really say a lot there as I like to stay as spoiler free as possible, but if you’ve read the first two then you’ll know what I’m alluding too here.

Jackson and Kate discover some eerie warning signs (think biblical events) and decide that all clues lead to confronting the demon that has arrived in Egypt. Moncrieff does a great job of keeping things fresh as we head overseas, but the use of secondary characters never felt more important, nor as well done within the series as it has in this release.

I loved the way the things fall into place once we arrive in Egypt and Moncrieff brings the hustle and bustle alive and vibrant. The action is really well done, I think of the three so far, I liked the descriptions and cinematic scope of these moments the best and we really see just how solid of a team, but also a couple these two have become.

The ending was great, and really does act as a natural ending to a trilogy, but did keep the door open for another release – which we know does happen.

What I didn’t like: As with book two and now in book three, Jackson’s jealous trait really annoys me and ground me when it would happen. Prime example – after discovering something in Kate’s place, they take it to an insect expert. Immediately, Jackson’s thoughts go to how this guy wishes he was with Kate and not just a friend.

Why you should buy this: A fantastic third entry in a series that continues to excite and grow and twist and change, Moncrieff really did a great job of keeping Jackson and Kate feeling fresh and the tension high. Awesome stuff, but would you expect anything less from Moncrieff?


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