Book Review: Juice Like Wounds (Wayward Children #4.5) by Seanan McGuire

juice like wounds

Title: Juice Like Wounds (Wayward Children #4.5)

Author: Seanan McGuire

Release date: July 13th, 2020

‘They could have gone back then, could have started their stew and set out again by daylight, but they were children in the clutches of a quest.’

Well, would you look at this?!

This morning I posted my review for ‘In an Absent Dream,’ which is Book 4 in the Wayward Children Series. Turns out, there’s a Book 4.5 available, and the bonus – it’s available as free read on the Tor website!

This one is about 35 pages and fills in a story from ‘In an Absent Dream.’ It’s funny, because in Book 4, McGuire mentions the events with the Wasp Queen and how Mockery doesn’t return, but with Book 4.5 we get to learn the events.

What I liked: The story shares how Lundy, Moon and Mockery decide they want to go on an adventure, they want to slay a monster. Three go into the woods. Only one returns.

It’s a brisk read, filled with tension and ultimately heartache and it does a great job of showcasing just how strong of a friendship those three had. It also works to show how the Archivist is seen an this omnipotent figure within the Goblin Market. You do of course learn more about that in ‘In an Absent Dream,’ but the story really hammers home a few key elements that were loosely presented within Book 4.

I really loved how this read affirmed Lundy’s desire to live by the rules and more specifically, how Lundy feels the ‘fair value’ aspect deep in their bones. McGuire has really crafted three amazing characters here and it’ll have you bawling when only two return, the third slung over a shoulder.

What I didn’t like: This is going to sound super lame, but I wish this was a full release in the series. I think there were a number of areas that could’ve been expanded, especially what Lundy was learning within the Archivist’s books.

Why you should buy this: Well, in this case, you don’t have to buy it, it’s free! So, more accurately, why should you read this? Well, if you’ve read the first four books and plan on reading the fifth, this will be a nice fill-in story that’ll enrich that experience you had the last time you opened a door and stepped through.


You can read Juice Like Wounds here;

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