ANNOUNCEMENT – LOHF Writers Grant Update

Hey all! Happy Monday!

It’s hard to believe that what started as one grant has grown so much over the last few years.
Now, in this, the fourth year that the LOHF Writers Grant will be awarded, we realize how lucky we are to belong to such a great community.

When this was first conceived, all I wanted to do was help a fantastic group of writers who constantly have to battle for visibility and credibility (which is an entirely other frustrating topic which I’ll not go into!). This became a reality when the LOHF Group came on board to do the heavy lifting.

Year One was amazing. Year Two, phenomenal. Year Three, stupendous. And Year Four, so far, looks to be on track for our biggest year yet.

We’ve had so many offers to sponsor grants and it’s truly wonderful. It’s hard to choose who will be selected, so every bit of help is appreciated. If I was a rich man, every application would get a grant, but the reality is we can’t.

The LOHF Grant Team and I are excited to focus on awarding as many writer grants as we can thanks to the generosity of this community.

After much discussion, we’ve decided to keep all sponsors anonymous. This way it allows people to help who otherwise might not have, but also to ensure we maintain the integrity of the grant selection process.
If you have any questions – my DM’s and email are always open.

Thank you all again – those who’ve supported/sponsored/applied etc!

Applications will open closer to Summer.

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