Book Review: The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher


Title: The Christmasaurus

Author: Tom Fletcher

Release date: October 6th, 2016

One thing I absolutely love about the various social media platforms is how inevitably you’ll end up discovering a book that you’ll kick yourself you’d never heard of before. Case in point, Tom Fletcher’s ‘The Christmasaurus.’ Now, this may not seem like the typical book that I’d read – that is if you’ve followed ONLY my reviews – BUT, I do have a rabidly dino-obsessed six year old son. One whom I’ve been reading too since he was born. I’d say we’ve probably read close to 2,000 books by now, if not more, but all of these have been Little Golden Books, Step Into Reading Books or Five Minute Story collections, etc. Nothing of any length at one go. Sure, the Five Minute Story collections are often two hundred pages or so, but each story is only five minutes and then you move on. No, this, The Christmasaurus, is one singular story, told over 365 pages, which made it all that more special that we read it and he was kept captivated the entire time.

We have tried to read ‘The Neverending Story’ where we got his name from, but I think we need a bit more time until we get into that one. But you combine dinosaur with Christmas and that got him amped. I only came across this book because my Instagram pal @the.horror.reader had posted it on their stories and I immediately messaged them and was like “WHAT IS THIS?!” I ordered it that day and it arrived the following day and Auryn and I dove in. We did have a break over Christmas, as he also got other books, which we had to read, but once done those, we returned!

What I liked: The story follows a young kid by the name of William. He lives with his dad, who is obsessed with Christmas. William’s mother passed away many years ago (we don’t find out how), and so the two of them live in a small house and go about their lives. William also happens to be in a Wheelchair, something that he doesn’t let hold him back or limit what he can do. William is obsessed with dinosaurs and desperately wants one for Christmas.

From here, Fletcher weaves a story that will make you laugh, get mad and cry. It hit a lot of great notes throughout and had my son and I desperately wanting to keep flipping the pages. We get a devilish villain, the character known as The Hunter who wants to shoot one of Santa’s reindeer so he can hang its head on his trophy wall. We get a bully, who has a really great character arc with Brenda Payne and we get to see William develop the most unlikely of friendships with The Christmasaurus.

The story itself is a really nice look at wanting to below, making friends no matter your differences and never giving up hope. My son and I both loved the comedic elements and the silliness that happens throughout, which made it that much more exciting while reading it.

The ending was really nice and even though there are two more books following this one, does wrap things up and can be considered a stand alone.

What I didn’t like: Honestly, I enjoyed this one from start to finish. The only thing I think I found a bit much might’ve been some of the ruthless bullying tactics that Brenda Payne does towards William. I did have to explain a couple of these to my son and the why these were so harsh.

Why you should buy this: If you like Christmas or Dinosaurs – no brainer, get on this. If you have a young reader in the house and want a book that will have them laugh and get sucked into the pages, look no further. And, if you’re an older reader and just want something that will remind you of how magical Christmas is when you’re little, this one is a perfect book to fit that bill. The illustrations were phenomenal and the relationship between William and The Christmasaurus is worth checking it out just for that.


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