Book Review: Oblivion’s Child by Tommy B. Smith


Title: Oblivion’s Child (Black Carmenia – Book 2)

Author: Tommy B. Smith

Release date: January 17th, 2023

I have to admit I’ve read far too little of Tommy B. Smith’s work. What I have read has been fantastic and everyone should make time to read his excellent ‘The Mourner’s Cradle: A Widow’s Journey.’

Recently, he reached out to me asking about if I was open for reviews, as he had a few out and was trying to get some eyeballs on them. This one caught my eye, but before I bought it on Amazon, I confirmed that it was fine that I hadn’t read Book 1 in the Black Carmenia series. He said it would be fine and, after having finished this, I can confidently say I never felt lost or as though I’d missed something. Saying that, we do learn some back story about the Black Carmenia, so I suspect that tied into Book 1 and I’d be curious to dive into that one and see what’s what. The synopsis of that book – ‘New Era’ – is definitely intriguing!

What I liked: The story follows nine-year-old Zander, who lives with his grandma and aunt. His aunt has been unresponsive for some years, but now, after a storm moves in and ravages where they live, she wakes up. Within the storm are – oddities – which is the best way of saying that while remaining spoiler free.

From there, we get a stranger who is thrust into their home, a forced burying and an elderly woman who house is on the edge of what awaits those who walk further.

Smith has created a really engaging and imaginative narrative and place here. We race along as Zander and his aunt (aided by the elderly woman, Nellie) search for this stranger but also for Zander’s mom and Nellie’s son. What they find is fantastic and while it’s never out right said, this read like a portal-horror novella and I for one am always down for that.

The ending was great and not only allows for furthering Zander’s story, but also can easily be utilized for more in Smith’s Black Carmenia series.

What I didn’t like: 99% of this novella read like a fantastic YA portal-horror story. Saying that, what I wasn’t really a fan of was the domestic violence angle involving the stranger that meets with Zander. It just didn’t fit the rest of the story at all and didn’t add much to the overall aspect of what was happening at all.

Why you should buy this: If you like storm-based/portal-horror with fantastic set pieces and really intriguing lore, look no further. Smith does such a phenomenal job of setting and atmosphere that you’ll be pulled into the world and will love being within.

Really well done.


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