3Q’s – Damien Casey is D E A D, ya hear?!

3qs fifth

3Q’s today is another super fun one. I love how each author takes the fun questions as fun questions and has… fun with them! Damien and I connected some time back on Twitter and through that it’s been great watching as they’ve carved out a place for themselves in the dark fiction work AND have now started a small press with the amazing Kyra Torres!

Please welcome Damien!


Steve: What does your process look like once you finish your first draft? Do you immediately dive back into it, or do you take some time away?

DC: For me it’s so so much easier to get back in. I do a first draft on my phone, people make fun of me, but it’s easier. Then I convert it to Word and do a light edit/format in the process. I set myself a limit of three edits. I like to think my writing has a distinct voice and if I over edit, I tend to lose that; which makes me big sad.

Steve: You win a very prestigious award and are invited to receive it. The award is a bronze plated copy of the book that means the most to you in your life. What book is it and why?

DC: I don’t have one answer for this. So, I’ll do three! Just like the 3 Q’s! YAY!

The great and secret show by Clive Barker- this is the book that made me want to start writing.

The Bottoms by Joe Lansdale- I write my characters before I ever even think of a story. I attach to them so much. I learned that from The Bottoms. This is also the book that made me realize how important your own voice is.

The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones by William Mabbit- This little booger eater has made me smile on days when I truly just didn’t want to. As cheesy as that is, it’s so important.

Steve: Of the books or stories you’ve released, which is your personal favorite and why?

DC: Ohhhhhhhh. That’s a two sided one too I’m afraid! The first would be Coffin Dodger, I put a lot of myself in the book and really focused on my characters. I would say Coffin Dodger is when I started coming into my own.

Hot Pink Satanism is just as important to me. Through the process of writing this I found my ~*BFF*~ Kyra R Torres, we started a pub AND a podcast because of this book. This is also the first book I’ve had picked up by a publisher. It will forever be so special to me.

Steve: Bonus Fun Question – You’re on a camping trip when suddenly a wild animal confronts you. You take off running and it follows. What animal are you confident in thinking you could outrun?

DC: As the great Baymax once said, “I am not fast.” So ya boi is probably D E A D.


Steve: Oh dear. Well, I hope you are able to outrun something!

Thanks again for doing this, Damien!

To find more of his work – check the links!

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/stores/Damien-Casey/author/B07B7G49HJ

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dcuglybooks

Website: https://www.3-bpublishing.com/

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