3Q’s – Micah Castle and the power of practical thinking!

3qs fifth

Here we are with another fun 3Q’s, and you know what? Today’s guest has a ton of fun books out and I’m super happy they were able to stop by and do a 3Q’s!

Micah Castle is today’s guest and I’m super excited to him here!

Please welcome Micah!

Micah Castle

Steve: What does your process look like once you finish your first draft? Do you immediately dive back into it, or do you take some time away?

MC: After I complete a first draft, I set it aside and work on other works for a few months, then come back to it. I do the same cycle for revisions.

Steve: You win a very prestigious award and are invited to receive it. The award is a bronze plated copy of the book that means the most to you in your life. What book is it and why?

MC: That’s a difficult question. There’s so many to choose, but I’d probably have to go with Necronomicon: The Best Weird Tales by HP Lovecraft, published by Gollancz. Without that book, I probably wouldn’t have discovered cosmic horror and weird fiction, and probably wouldn’t be writing at all. It really blew my mind the first time reading it and led me to meet and read a ton of great authors I might’ve otherwise not.

Steve: Of the books or stories you’ve released, which is your personal favorite and why?

MC: As of this writing, it would likely be “The Things from the Woods” published in Flame Tree Press’s anthology Weird Horror Short Stories. It’s the sort of weird fiction I love to write and read, more gothic/folk-y/quiet and WTF than cosmic and madness.

Steve: Bonus Fun Question – You’re on a camping trip when suddenly a wild animal confronts you. You take off running and it follows. What animal are you confident in thinking you could outrun?

MC: Probably a gofer, woodchuck, or other pudgy critters.

Prairie dog on guard

Steve: Ha! Great reply and very practical thinking!

Thanks so much for doing this, Micah!

To find more of Micah’s work – check the links!

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/stores/Micah-Castle/author/B01MRMSB5Y

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Micah_Castle

Website: https://micahcastle.com/

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