Blog post #2!!

Welp, I sure failed my logic from blog post #1.  I indicated I would write a lot on it and I didnt.  So know here I am!  I am actually writing this, and posting this as a pre-cursor to mentioning it on my author page on facebook!  So this will be written and posted, and then people will hopefully come, and read this and sign up for email updates!

Several things I wanted to do with this blog.  I can write a bit longer and a bit more direct than on facebook/insta/twitter.  For instance, this is going to be a slightly longer post to go over some exciting things, but on facebook, you would have scrolled by already!  Facebook also picks and chooses when you see my posts.  So there are times when my reach says 50 people, and there are times when my reach says 5000 people.  With blog updates, if you signed up, it will be sent to you.  It may go to social/prom account depending on your email provider, but it will be there!

Secondly, I wanted to announce a very exciting update to how I release my work.  I am an indie author, self publishing my work through a program called KDP with amazon.  Currently that set up allows me to released ebooks in Canada and the US, as well as overseas, and physical copies through the US and overseas.  This is not ideal for all of my Canadian family, friends and fans, who want to support me/check out my releases.  This means you are paying for the physical copy in US dollars, which isnt at a great rate, and paying US shipping as well.  So, while I keep my books as low priced as I can (for example The Fence physical copy costs $7.10 to print when you order it, and I have it listed for $7.25.  That’s right, when you order The Fence, I make $0.15 US!) so try and offset that exchange/conversion.

Well, I have done some research and a really sweet option has come about.  Create Space will allow me to set up the ebook and physical copies, then still self publish it through Amazon and KDP.  The exciting part of this, is that after a few weeks, the physical copy will be also available on  What this means is that my Canadian fan base will be able to order the physical copy in CDN funds, with CDN shipping!  I am super excited for this.  It will also allow the book to be ordered for book stores/institutions etc.  So if one of my books takes off and gets some press, libraries or even Chapters can order it and sell it at brick and mortar stores!!

The other awesome bonus from this, is that I will be able to order ‘proof copies’.  These are pre-release/author release versions of the same book, at my printing cost.  The bonus of this, is that I can get a few extra books to do some contests/giveaways etc!

Second to last bit here, is that because of all of this excitement, I am unsure of Jane’s physical release date.  I am currently waiting for the proof copy of the book, and once it arrives, I can confirm quality and submit for publishing.  The ebook will be available shortly, so I am essentially scrapping the “pre-release” function of the book.  I was going to give out copies of the limited edition cover to whoever pre-ordered the books, but will do some contests coming up to send those out instead now!

Finally, I hope your mind was blown with the amazing OFFICIAL COVER OF JANE!  My good buddy Jody at Ink Boy Tattoos in Cultus Lake, BC really crushed it on this one!  This is hopefully what most of you, who have read any of the Jane stuff so far, picture when you think of her!  [Minus some scars :)]

So, I hope this is exciting for you all, this is super exciting for me!  I have a number of releases as always coming up soon, but with a direct link like this to you all, I can send out one off stories etc etc as I see fit!

Thanks for your continued support and amazing feedback!


PS; if you havent left any feedback on any of my books at their amazon sites, I would really appreciate it.  This is a way for amazon to self market the book and recommend it to other readers doing searches!


One thought on “Blog post #2!!

  1. So excited for the release of Jane! The cover is so awesome and I’m super stoked for the Canadian buying options and pricing to come, that will make things tons easier! Keep writing!!!


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