Jane Update and a few other things

Hey friends and fans!

Jane: The 816 Chronicles is about to be unleashed!  The original release date of May 1st is dead, but that’s only because it will be released before that date!

I have switched to Create Space which means the physical copies of the book will be available through both Amazon.com and Amazon.ca!  That’s right, my Canadian folk will be able to order it in Canadian funds with Canadian shipping!  For my location in Alberta, book + shipping was a skiff over $13!  CANADIAN!  I will be looking at my options to switch the other physical copies over to Create Space as well!

I am going to be doing an Author Proof give-away shortly for Jane, I will keep you posted!

And finally, my original collection of short stories; The Fence: and Other Sordid Tales has been re-formatted!

There was some weird formatting issues previously with it, but that has all been updated now!




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