Book Review: Where the Woods End


Where the Woods End – Charlotte Salter

August 14, 2018

304 Pages


Sometimes, in the book world, you stumble on a gem.

Here in Canada, we have a store called Shoppers Drug Mart. Depending on your location they will have a book section, some larger than others. Most of the locations will also have a discount book bin – where books they want to get rid of go to die. I have had wonderful success with these bins. Most of the books are 80% off, but occasionally they’ll just have a new sticker price on it that is well below the price on the cover. This bin was where I found a brand new hardcover copy of Michael Crichton’s ‘Dragon Teeth’ for $3. Retail price – $39.99. So it was, that recently I took a look and saw a copy of this book ‘Where the Woods End’ by Charlotte Salter. 80% off and featuring a fantastic cover. I checked the synopsis and was sold. I grabbed the hardcover to read with my son in the future, but as I usually do, I’ll message some book friends to ask if they’ve read it. When I messaged Bookden Jen, she said she hadn’t but we decided to do a buddy read.

This was only my second buddy read ever and it was a blast.

The book is tailored towards Middle Grade readers. I don’t have a lot of experience reading in that category, but from what Jen said, this was one of the creepier books she’s read in that category. I concur. If you never told me the age category for this, I’d have no problem believing this was a straight ahead Dark Fantasy/Horror book.

The story follows Kestrel, a 12 year old girl, who lives in the woods in a small village. She lives near her mom, Kestrel refusing to sleep in the house. She has a side-kick, her trusty weasel friend Pippit and she’s armed with a spoon she received from her dad. Her dad is a wolf trapper and is gone for long periods of time.

Kestrel is unique. You see, each person eventually is hunted down by a beast of a thing. They are called grabbers. Kestrel is able to kill them, but she’s never been able to kill them before they’ve grabbed and devoured the person, only after.

I couldn’t put this book down. Between wanting to know what the grabbers were, wanting to know if there was in fact something beyond the woods and intrigued as Kestrel tries to remember events of her life, I was hooked.

This was such a great book that before I was finished, I’d already ordered Salter’s other book “The Bone Snatcher.”

If you have a young reader in your life, this is such a great book to introduce them to so many concepts within the darker genres. The bonus here is that there is no swearing and no sex, so for that 10 year old to 13 year old group, I suspect that is something parents are looking for.

I loved this book and I’m so glad I buddy read this with Jen!

5 Stars!


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