Writing Update!

Hey friends! Welcome back! If you’ve previously missed the note – I’m doing a blog post every two weeks now, just with how hectic life is!

I’m going to keep this simple and straight forward! This weeks is 100% on my writing projects!

What I’m Working On;

Here’s an update on almost every single thing I’m working on right now!

The Window in the Ground – with David Sodergren for copy editing. Once back, I’ll go through, finish the edits and then this will head off to Ross & Joseph at The Writing Collective for formatting and release prep. Believe we’re looking at a July-ish release!

COMMUNION – I’m done everything on my end. It will head to Sodergren once he is ready for copy editing. Then back to me, finished, formatted and prepped for release. Prob see the light of day in a few months! I’m already feeling a buzz about this one and I think the direction it takes will be well received. FYI – still brutal, still depraved, just more story!

Piece of Me Hardcover – the hardcovers with the limited artwork are now live on Lulu! I would suggest highly that you order from Lulu – simply because it is the lowest price point. I’ve managed to whittle it down to $24 on there, and Lulu frequently has discount codes – which you can apply at checkout. It is now available on Amazon but I can’t control the prices and they are pretty crazy!


Cathedral of the Skinned – the sequel to Piece of Me is about 50% done draft one. While I know that sounds like not much, rest assured, with the way I work, it’ll be through draft two and three within the next few months.

Carry the Moon – the finale in the Sermons of Sorrow trilogy is actually plotted and I’ve written bits and pieces. I’ll keep you updated on that!

Wound Upon Wound – my serial novella has been a super fun exercise! A new chapter added each week. The latest is now live!


Scott: A Wagon Buddy Tale – the sequel to Wagon Buddy, and one I’ve actually been receiving messages about lately, asking when will it arrive, is done and awaiting to be sent to Sodergren. Again, once back, I’ll finish edits and prep for release! I’ll keep you updated!

456 Blatchford Drive – I’ve given bits and pieces about this one. Its a folk tale, its a haunted house tale, and its coming together nicely. I’m about 75% done draft one. I’m still looking to make this a highly limited release. I may only do 5 hardcovers and 10 paperbacks total. We’ll see. I want to create something unique for book lovers! I’ll keep you posted as always!

Mastodon – With so many freakin’ projects always on the go, its inevitable that something will get pushed aside – that is Mastodon. Have I even really mentioned this one that much? Here’s a teaser image;

Mastodon Teaser 1

Have I even given much info on a synopsis?

17 years ago, Tyler’s mother disappeared in the Canadian Rockies. Now, on the anniversary, he receives a phone call from the RCMP – the plane his father was on has lost contact and presumed crashed near where his mother was last seen. Tyler doesn’t believe that it was an accident. Armed with almost two decades of wilderness survival, he decides to hike into the area and search for his dad. Nothing will prepare him for what he will find.

Sound good?

Having seen the synopsis and the cover(which this image is NOT), The Writing Collective is also keen to take a look at the finished product for possible publication. At this point, it’s completely plotted, but I haven’t spent any time writing anything yet. Will keep you posted!

The Boy Whose Room Was Outside – I’ve been putting this one aside recently to work on COMMUNION, The Window and Scott. Recently I read a book called Where the Woods End and it actually helped me with this one. The Boy… is a YA/Middle Grade fantasy story and I think I was struggling with it a bit because I wanted to make sure I didn’t go too dark. After reading Where the Woods End, I’ve been reinvigorated with what I can do! I’ll be focusing on this one the next two-three weeks to really flesh it out before getting prepped for Sodergren.


Before you go!

On Tuesday, February 25th, 2020 my 200th review was featured on Kendall Reviews! That’s right – 200! I probably have another two dozen still to be featured, but its been great to have connected with Gavin and for him to let me share my love of horror. Originally, I was just going to post my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. He said he could host them and the rest is history!

My 200th review was for the amazing “The Passengers You Cannot See” by The Behrg. The Behrg has always been an amazing supporter of my writing and reviewing and this was some nice planning by Gavin on the back end to sync this review up with the 200th!

If you missed the review you can see it here;

{Book Review} The Passengers You Cannot See: The Behrg

So, now you might be asking yourself – what was review #1! I actually couldn’t even remember! I have all of the reviews here on the blog under the Kendall Reviews tab, so I went there and what do you know?! My first review was for another amazing collection by another author who has been amazing since day one!

“Dreaming At the Top of My Lungs” by Israel Finn is a must read collection and what a nice bit of kismet there that those are the two that ended up being my first featured and my 200th!

Dreaming At The Top Of My Lungs: Israel Finn (Kendall Review)

Alright, so there we have it!

No new post next week, but a new chapter will once again be added for Wound Upon Wound!

Take care friends!



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